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A Proven Track Record of Success

Leader. Speaker. Instructor. Scientist. Mentor. Author. 

Over 20 years of professional experience

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"One of the best workshops I have attended in my over 4 decade long career. Thank you very much."


"This was an amazing workshop and the best so far.  Every psychologist and graduate student should listen to this workshop and more. This is a life journey." 


"Great workshop and information was relevant to the racial unrest we are experiencing in the country."


"This was an excellent presentation that covered all objectives in a methodical manner with appropriate examples for greater learning."


"Much appreciated presentation with helpful information and proposed interventions and therapeutic actions."


"She was amazing!!  Thank you."


"Lovely workshop!"


"I appreciate the level of transparency the speaker presented, and I hope they continue that style of presenting in future workshops."


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Workshop Ratings

Workshop Ratings

"How to Talk about Racial Issues in Psychotherapy with
African American Adolescents and Their Families"

Instructor Knowledge 


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Application to Clinical Practice



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Dr. Mia Smith-Bynum

I can't even begin to describe the positive impact she's had on me and my development, both personally and professionally. She helped train me, both formally and informally, to work with minority populations and do culturally humble work with them (I am white). This helped propel my career into the position I hold now, in which I help the next generation of students and therapists do culturally humble work with diverse populations. I can't thank her enough for her mentorship.

Samuel Allen, Ph.D.,

The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Career Mentoring

Words cannot express the gratitude and support I have for Dr. Mia. This woman has changed my life personally and professionally. I tell everybody, She taught me how to write; she taught me how to think critically;  She does a great job having fun AND holding you accountable to be great in research. Dr. Mia has taught me so much about research but also being a human being when conducting research. And she has a refreshing sense of humor. Dr. Mia is a huge part of the success I am enjoying and that is why she is and will always be my Research Mama.

John Hart, PhD,

The Vera Institute of Justice

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