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MSB Solutions is ready to  help you with your career and organizational dilemmas.

Services available: Public Speaking, Workshops, Event Host & Moderator, Organizational Consulting, Career Coaching


  • Mental Health & Wellness (i.e., Anxiety, Depression)

  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health

  • Black Children & Families

  • Parenting

  • Race, Racism, & Health Disparities

  • Racial Trauma

  • Intersectionality, Wellness, & Health Disparities

  • Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace

  • Race, Culture, & Psychotherapy

  • Race, Ethnicity, & Research Design

  • Navigating Life in Academia (professors & graduate students)

  • Career Guidance for Academics (i.e., job talks, CVs, time management, research, teaching)  

Washington, DC Metropolitan Area


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